My Year With Helen's debut in Sydney was reported on by the Daily Mail, who noted the following:

She went from a modest upbringing on a rural farm to becoming New Zealand's first elected female Prime Minister.

And on Saturday, Helen Clark, 67, made her big screen debut at the Sydney Film Festival at State Theatre in Sydney. 

The celebrated politician, who cut a sophisticated figure in a snazzy embroidered coat, joined filmmaker Gaylene Preston at the world premiere of My Year With Helen.

In 2016, Helen attempted to become the United Nations' first ever female Secretary-General.

Gaylene's film follows Helen as she campaigns for the coveted Secretary-General role while also carrying out her work as Administrator of UNDP.

The camera travels with the politician around the world to Botswana, Britain, Spain, the Ukraine and the UN in New York.

Gaylene hoped to showcase the achievements of a female politician in a male dominated field. 

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